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Autoclave S Class TGA Steriliser 23L

Runyes 23L Autoclave B & S Class


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Autoclave Class Summary

 Autoclave Class Autoclave Class Summary

Class N Autoclaves

The Lowest Class. 

No Vacuum pump so you can only sterilise instruments with a solid (not hollow) structure, and which are unpackaged.

Class S Autoclaves

The Middle Class.

Single stage vacuum pump. suitable for the sterilisation of single-packed, multilayer packed and more massive instruments, which you cannot sterilise in class N autoclaves.

Class B Autoclaves

TheHighest Class. 

Features a fractionated pre-vacuum that completely removes air from the chamber. These are what hospitals, medical centres, and dental clinics usually use for their instruments.

Runyes Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. It is a high-tech company specializing in the development and production of medical devices, which focuses on dental medical equipment, including the equipment and instruments needed by modern oral treatment. It is the first to establish an international dental industrial park with oral digitalization as the core and linkage of dental industry, oral culture and oral medicine.

  • Runyes is available in over 100 regions
  • Over 10,000,000 units have been distributed world-wide since 2000.

Understanding Autoclave Calibration and Validation: An Overview

What is Autoclave Calibration?

Calibration is about making sure the temperature sensor in your autoclave is accurate. This is done by comparing it to a device that's already been calibrated, known as the "standard." Your autoclave technician should follow the national reference standards for this process, and by doing so will ensure that your autoclave is completing the sterilisation process as intended.

What is Autoclave Validation?

Validation ensures your autoclave reaches the right temperature for the right amount of time to effectively sterilise tools and biological agents. This is a quality assurance step to assess the autoclave's performance and ensure sterilisation is achieved. Biological indicators are also used to confirm the sterilization process is efficient and effective.

Why Calibrate and Validate Your Autoclave?

Regular calibration and validation are crucial for consistent sterilisation results. Autoclaves rely on precise temperature and pressure, so these processes ensure optimal conditions for proper sterilisation, keeping your instruments safe to use.

How are Autoclaves Calibrated?

Calibration involves comparing your autoclave’s readings with those of a device known to be accurate according to appropriate standards.

How Often Should Autoclaves Be Calibrated?

In Australia, autoclaves should be calibrated at least once a year. Heavily used autoclaves might need this service more often, however annually is the minimum requirement.

Do I Need Documentation After Calibration and Validation?

Yes, after each process, your autoclave technician should document the date, results, and other relevant information in an autoclave validation log. You’ll be notified of the outcomes, and provided with a cirtificate indicating that your unit has been calibrated and validated. 

Do Repaired Autoclaves Need Calibration and Validation?

Absolutely. Calibration and validation are different from regular repairs. During the calibration and validation process, your technician will thoroughly check the heating cycle, temperature, duration, pressure, and steam penetration to ensure the autoclave functions correctly. Regular servicing also includes inspecting parts like filters, seals, sensors, pumps, and chambers to prevent unexpected breakdowns and downtime.

By following these steps, we help ensure your autoclave is reliable and effective, maintaining the highest standards of sterilisation for your practice.

Autoclaves have come a long way from the pressure cooker days. Runyes autoclaves have been blended with a mixture of high quality and price competitive spare parts to bring you the end product. This is not by chance as much time and dedication has gone into the research and development of these units. There's a reason why Runyes holds the biggest market share in benchtop autoclave in the most populous market in the world.

Australia TGA approved. Designed in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZ 4815 and European Classifications.

European Class B with 3-time pre-vacuum preceding
vacuum drying Intended for the sterilisation of unwrapped, wrapped, hollow and solid instruments 


  • 4 sterilizing programs
  • Automatic drying cycle
  • Comes with 3 trays
  • Cycles for plastic and rubber (temperatures between 121 - 123 degrees)
  • Liquid cycles
  • Stainless steel chamber - easy to clean
  • Pre-heating function
  • Printer and USB function included
  • Equipped with automatic clean cycle


12 months back to base and 12 months parts warranty

Only LuxeMED authorised service agents may undertake testing/servicing or repair on Runyes autoclaves. The use of any unauthorised agent will result in the warranty being VOID.


Internal Dimensions - Diameter - 25cm x Depth 45cm

External Dimensions - 59cm deep x 46.5cm with x 45cm height


Easy to set up. Comes with detailed user and service manuals

Testing and Calibration:

Testing and Calibration can be carried out as required by one of our specialist field technicians or by a suitably qualified technician of your choice.
Ask us about our Australia wide testing and calibration services.

Product Disclaimer:

Due to reasons beyond LuxeMED's control, deliveries to residential addresses may incur an additional fee. To ensure a smooth and cost-effective delivery experience, we strongly recommend providing a commercial address for your order.

Alternatively, you may opt for delivery to the nearest depot, which can be a convenient and cost-effective solution.

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