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Navidium Shipping Protection

Very Good Customer Service

I was very happy with LuxeMED's timing and service to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Powder coated medical trolley

Trolley was delivered quickly and pre-assembled. It appears to be of a high quality and is in complete working order.

Amazing quality and came really fast!


Great product

Saddle Stool with Back Tan - Chrome Base - Click'n Clean Castor Wheels

No reply

I wanted a refund or at least a product enquiry on the Red Coral Myotech needles that I ordered. I have sent an email as requested by Luxmed to send to Red Coral and I have not heard anything.

Black Nitrile Nitro Powder Free Disposable Gloves - Heavy Duty

Worst experience

Been 3 weeks, still have not receive product yet. Keep pushing the responsibility to 3rd party couriers. Not really helping at all with following up and contacting the 3 rd party couriers. Poor Communication, not active engage in contacting with the 3 rd party delivery to solve the problem. This whole thing feels like SCAM.

Hi Michael,

We are truly sorry for the delay in receiving your order, and we understand the frustration this situation has caused. Our team has been actively working to address this issue, reaching out to the 3rd party couriers through various channels, including email and live chat after you reaching out to our team since 3rd November 2023 in regard to the whereabouts of your order.

While we do not have access to any courier systems, it's not our intention to push the responsibility onto them. Our staff's recommendation to contact the couriers directly, is aimed at providing you with the most accurate and immediate information about your order. By reaching out to the couriers firsthand, you can receive real-time updates and specific details regarding the status and location of your package.

On 9th November 2023, you kindly notified us of CouriersPlease's communication to yourself in regard to there being only 1 parcel located (you had placed an order for 2 products) and again, a member of staff immediately assisted you in confirming that the 2nd parcel was placed in the larger parcel's shipping box.

The latest communication from yourself was yesterday (16th November 2023), again, in which we were kindly cc'd into an email from yourself to CouriersPlease. CouriersPlease then contacted us directly (on the same day) in requesting confirmation on what your parcels look like. This was again, immediately responded to.

The couriers advised that they were completing a depot search, which we had been waiting to hear back from them. After following up again today with them via live chat, the couriers advised that the order was being loaded at one of their depots for delivery either today or Monday next week.

We genuinely regret any negative impression this situation may have left as we have done all we could from our end. We understand the impact of courier delays on your experience, and we share your disappointment. Unfortunately, we cannot control external factors affecting delivery timelines, but we appreciate your understanding as we navigate this situation.

This feedback has been passed over to management and we will be closely monitoring the external couriers we use in future.

Warm Regards,
LuxeMED Team

Excellent all round

The customer service and follow up was excellent. We have never had any problems with LuxeMED products

Luxemed deluxe service

I am so happy I purchased luxmed podiatry clippers and probe instrument. Ihave had severe ingrown toenails for many years and as physiotherapist for 50 years found all the standing very painful and draining. I tried several cippers but the pointed ends were too short. The ones from Luxemes are long ang eabled me to cut out the offending pieces of nail. Thankyou Luxemed ! Diana Sydney

A very good customer service, a very good product.

I am happy with the product I purchased, a good quality.

Runyes 8L Autoclave S Class

Navidium Shipping Protection
Jacquelyn Macknight
Quality products, good customer service.

The product line was very good, the details were what I needed to know, the price was good and the shipping fast considering how far they travelled. When received I found the quality very good compared to other sources and the prices were also very good. After using the products I ordered more of the same. I will keep ordering from LuxeMED as long as they keep offering the products I need. I am always looking for companies I can count on for quality, fair pricing and great customer service. I will continue coming back to this company.

Quick delivery. Item was value for money.

Navidium Shipping Protection
RIVERLAND Lymphoedema clinic

Very quick service with the delivery of our new wheel chair. Living in rural SA I was surprised with the efficiency of our delivery. Great team to work with.


love my light

Bella Trolley Black SMALL (2 Drawer)

Well padded large seat, all round comfortable, and stable, easy to move about ..

DSSE Medical Grade Saddle Stool with Tilt
Very good chair

Arrived quickly, easy to assemble, fully adjustable, comfortable, and seems robust. Thanks 😊

Bariatric Wheelchair 22″
RIVERLAND Lymphoedema clinic
Customer service and great products

Great customer service. Prompt delivery and nothing is problem getting our products to us living in rural SA

I'm happy with your service

Saddle Stool With Backrest

Salon round stool

Love it