Hire Terms & Conditions


In taking delivery of any items hired from LuxeMED Pty Ltd or its nominated agents the “Hiree” (Person / Entity hiring or borrowing the goods from LuxeMED) agrees to the following:

 Limitation of Liability:

The “hiree” agrees to indemnify LuxeMED Pty against all costs, losses, damages or claims arsing from or in any way related to any accident or injuries to the “hiree” or any third party including property claims or expenses arising from or in connection with the hire or use of the item hired by LuxeMED.

 Use of equipment:

The “hiree” undertakes only to use the equipment for its designed and lawful purposes and follow any user manuals, instructions, placards or information provided the time of delivery including any Maintenance Instructions.

Batteries must be kept “on charge” at all times when not in use.
Should the equipment fail in any way the “hiree” must immediately report the problem to LuxeMED.
The “hiree” will be responsible to pay for any damage to the hired items.
Where an item has a designated Maximum User Weight (MUW) and any load placed in the equipment in excess of this MUW, the

“hiree” will be responsible for the total repair bill. The “hiree” also accepts full responsibility for the safety, care and advised maintenance of the hired equipment. Equipment is not to leave the location it has been delivered to without approval of LuxeMED.

 Security Deposit:

A security deposit of three (3) weeks hire is required on each piece of equipment hired. This charge is waived for credit account customers. Unpaid hire, return delivery fees, costs related to damage whilst on hire and any legal recovery costs will be deducted from this security deposit.

 Hire Extension:

Hire is automatically extended beyond the ending hire period by an additional four (4) weeks. It is charged to the credit card provided at the initial hire or to your client account.

Prices are subject to change without notification.

 Hire Delivery and Pick up: - Charged both ways 

The Delivery Fee is charged upfront on the initial Hire Invoice. Where requested to pick up items a Pick Up Fee will be charged.

 Delivery and Pick Up Pricing: Each Way

Pricing available upon request or via the freight calculator available online

 Delivery Surcharges and other additional pricing - each way

Same Day delivery surcharge - $99.00 (incl GST) for items ordered before 1:00pm Mon/Friday
Re-delivery surcharge - 100% of the original total delivery fee including any surcharges. Applies where a person is not available to take delivery within the 2 hours time window provided by the LuxeMED.

 Payment for Hire & Refunds:

Payment is by Cash or Credit Card in advance. Commercial clients may use their credit account. Refunds will be only be refunded onto the credit card used for original payment.

The nominated credit card will be debited every 4 weeks in advance for all on-going hire costs until such time as the hire equipment is returned to LuxeMED.

Refunds of hire paid and the security deposit will be reduced for loss, damage, unpaid hire or delivery / pick up charges. This will be taken firstly from any security deposit held and then from any unused paid hire. Any remaining balance will debited onto the nominated credit card of the original hire.

 Hire period:

Standard Hire and Hire Extension period is four (4) weeks but this can be reduced to 2 weeks for short term hire. A refund of paid hire is made on return of the item at a weekly pro-rata of the number of weeks paid. The minimum hire charge is two (2) weeks hire.

The Hire period is weekly and commences from the day the equipment is delivered and will continue until the equipment is returned to the LuxeMED showroom.

It is the hirers responsibility to confirm when the equipment is available for return. Failure to do so will result in continuing hire charges.

All equipment hired remains the property of LuxeMED. All hire equipment repairs are to be undertaken by LuxeMED technicians.

The “hiree” will be charged for any loss or damage other than normal wear and tear incurred during the hire period.

LuxeMED can end hire and collect items at any time if payments are not made or if equipment has been misused.

 Purchase of Hire Items:

Hire items can be purchased at the current list price. In the first 4 weeks of paid hire a maximum of 2 weeks paid hire will be applied to a purchase. In weeks 5-16 (up to 4 months) an additional 25% (1 week in 4) of the paid hire will be applied to a purchase. For items hired more than 12 months a purchase price is available in request.

Extended Hire Terms and Conditions: Rental means an agreement to supply Equipment in return for ongoing periodic payments from the Customer. Title in the Equipment does not pass to the Customer. Rental terms apply in conjunction with LuxeMED’s standard Terms & Conditions available at: : LuxeMED.com.au/aboutLuxeMED/terms--conditions/ In the event of any conflict between definitions and terms in the Standard Terms & Conditions and the Rental Terms, the Standard Terms and Conditions prevail. 1. Length of Rental: The rental period commences on the date Equipment is delivered and ends on the sooner of when LuxeMED is notified of completion or on return of the equipment to LuxeMED. 2. Extension of Rental: A rental period may be extended. Any such extension will be on the same terms as set out in this Contract. LuxeMED reserves the right not to extend a rental period. 3. Repairs: All rental Equipment repairs are to be undertaken by LuxeMED staff only. 4. Care & Responsibility: The Customer shall take proper care of the Equipment. 5. Title: Title in Equipment rented from LuxeMED remains at all times with LuxeMED. The Customer must not sell, transfer, assign, mortgage, pledge, sub-let, lend or otherwise deal with the Equipment without the prior written consent of LuxeMED. a) Risk passes to the Customer on delivery of the Equipment. b) In the event that the Customer chooses to use their own carrier, LuxeMED will only be responsible for loading of the Equipment to the carrier. Delivery of Equipment to the Customer’s carrier shall constitute delivery; thereafter all risk of loss or damage shall be the responsibility of the Customer. 6. Inspection of Equipment on Return: a) Rented Equipment is supplied free of defect and in good condition. b) Rented Equipment will be inspected upon its return. c) The Customer is responsible for the cost of rectifying any damage to rented Equipment that falls outside of ‘normal wear and tear’ in the process of use. The cost of such rectification to rented equipment will be the lesser of either the repair cost or replacement cost of such equipment, regardless of the age of the damaged equipment at the time. LuxeMED retains the right to recover such costs from the Customer. d) Any charges by LuxeMED will be payable by the Customer on receipt of a valid tax invoice from LuxeMED. 7. Invoicing and Payment: a) All invoices must be paid in full, without set-off or deduction, into LuxeMED's nominated bank account within 30 days of issue. b) Rental invoices must be paid by electronic funds transfer, credit card or on approved account terms to LuxeMED's nominated bank account prior to delivery of the Equipment or Services. c) Subsequent invoice payments are due at the beginning of each billing period. d) Failure to pay amount when due will, in addition to any other rights, entitle LuxeMED to: i. collect any Equipment that has not been paid for; ii. suspend further deliveries of Equipment; and iii. terminate the Contract in accordance with clause 17.1 of our Standard Terms & Conditions. 8. Refunds: Are managed in accordance with LuxeMED’s standard Terms & Conditions. 9. Test & Tag of Electrical Equipment: Rented equipment with electrical components will have the necessary test and tag certification prior to commencement of the rental. It is the Customer’s responsibility to organise any necessary test and tag certification during the rental period. 10. Lost equipment: If the rented equipment is lost or stolen then LuxeMED will charge the Customer for the replacement value of the rented item or nearest like item. Replacement value shall be reasonably determined by LuxeMED. 11. Indemnity: The Customer shall indemnify LuxeMED (not hold LuxeMED liable) against any loss or damage which may arise in respect of the Equipment or its use by the Customer or any other person whilst the equipment is the responsibility of the Customer. 12. LuxeMED Warranty: The Customer has the benefit of conditions and warranties and other rights implied by law, which cannot be excluded under law. Nothing in these terms shall be taken to limit in any way the benefit of those conditions, warranties and rights. 13. Customer Authority: The Customer warrants that they are authorised to make this agreement on behalf of all persons who possess, use or operate the Equipment during the period until the Equipment is returned and the Customer takes responsibility for payment. 14. Purchase of Rented Items: Equipment may be available for purchase. If a purchase is requested on a rented item and LuxeMED approves the sale, the purchase price shall be the greater of: a) The RRP less 50% of what has been paid in rental fees; or b) 50% of the RRP of the item