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LuxeMED stocks a wide range of Mobility and Assistive Technology products designed for use in the bathroom and toilet. Many items are available for immediate dispatch and fast delivery nationwide. Shower commodes, over-toilet aids, and shower chairs are just a few of the many products we offer. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing top-notch service and assistance to ensure a seamless purchase experience.


    Bathroom and toileting assistive Technology Suppliers in Melbourne

    Based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, LuxeMED is perfectly situated to cater to a wide range of mobility aid purchase requirements, including bathroom and toileting aids. With a focus on serving the community, LuxeMED offers a diverse selection of shower commodes, over-toilet aids, and other bathroom and toileting products for immediate purchase and fast delivery. We've worked with many NDIS participants, Support Coordinators, Home Care Packages, and various other funding streams to provide a reliable source of mobility equipment.

    Shower commode sales FAQs

    LuxeMED can definitely supply a wide range of shower commodes for purchase. Some bespoke requirements may need some additional time to prepare the assistive technology. Our extensive inventory and manufacturer relationships ensures that LuxeMED can meet a variety of mobility aid needs. Please allow additional time for any custom requirements to be accommodated, and get in touch with our friendly team to make arrangements.

    LuxeMED strives to dispatch all in-stock items on the same day the order is placed. We have developed relationships with a wide range of logistics suppliers as well as developed our own internal delivery processes to ensure your shower commodes and assistive technology products are delivered as fast as possible! If you have urgent requirements or bespoke delivery requests regarding your shower commode, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today!

    LuxeMED has developed a network of logistic carriers to ensure we can deliver your items nation wide. It is important to be able to access assistive technology regardless of your location. At LuxeMED, we understand this and regularly delivery assistive technology and mobility items across all Australian states.

    You are welcome to collect your shower commode, assistive technology or mobility aids from our Melbourne warehouse located in Thomastown, 3074. Please ensure our team is aware of your requirements prior to attending to ensure that we have your required items in stock and ready to dispatch Our team will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your mobility aids upon collection from our Melbourne warehouse in Thomastown, 3074.

    The outright purchase of your bathroom and toileting aids or other assistive technology
    aids can be an economically efficient decision in the long term. Our economic
    range of assistive technology and mobility items are priced competitively,
    allowing you to maintain room in your budget for other requirements.

    A shower commode is a handy chair with an open seat, perfect for use in the shower or over the toilet. It's designed for people who have trouble using the toilet or standing for long periods in the shower.

    Many shower commodes come with wheels, making it easier and safer by reducing the number of transfers needed for bathroom tasks.

    The seats are made from hygienic, easy-to-clean materials and often have padding for extra comfort. The open seat can have different cut-out shapes to meet individual needs, as recommended by a therapist.

    Some shower commodes can also be fitted with a pan to use as a standalone commode. Others have adjustable arms that make it easier to get in and out of the chair.

    Bathrooms can be especially hazardous with their hard and slippery surfaces, but a shower commode can provide crucial extra safety. These versatile chairs are perfect for reducing the risk of falls and slips. They offer vital support for those who struggle to stand in the shower, making it easier and safer to use the toilet. The addition of wheels on many shower commodes further simplifies transfers, making it much easier to move to and from, as well as within, the bathroom.

    One of the significant benefits of shower commodes is their role in promoting personal hygiene, especially for seniors. As people age, using the bathroom can become increasingly challenging and dangerous, leading many seniors to lose confidence in their abilities. This often results in them sacrificing their personal hygiene to stay safe. However, with a shower commode, the risks associated with bathroom use are significantly reduced. This allows seniors to regain their confidence and independence, making it easier for them to maintain their hygiene without fear of falling or slipping.

    Shower commodes are designed with user comfort and hygiene in mind. The seats are made from easy-to-clean, hygienic materials, often featuring padding for added comfort. The open seat design can come in various cut-out shapes tailored to individual needs, as recommended by a therapist. Additionally, some models can be fitted with a pan, allowing them to be used as standalone commodes. Others have adjustable arms to make getting in and out of the chair simpler and safer.

    In summary, shower commodes are invaluable tools for enhancing bathroom safety and promoting personal hygiene, particularly for seniors. They provide support and stability, reduce the risk of accidents, and help individuals maintain their dignity and independence by making bathroom tasks more manageable and less intimidating.

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