Complete Sleeprrr Pillow - Plus (Medium) - LuxeMED
Complete Sleeprrr Pillow - Plus (Medium) - LuxeMED
Complete Sleeprrr Pillow - Plus (Medium) - LuxeMED
Complete Sleeprrr Pillow - Plus (Medium) - LuxeMED
Complete Sleeprrr Pillow - Plus (Medium) - LuxeMED
Complete Sleeprrr Pillow - Plus (Medium) - LuxeMED
Complete Sleeprrr Pillow - Plus (Medium) - LuxeMED
Complete Sleeprrr Pillow - Plus (Medium) - LuxeMED

Complete Sleeprrr Pillow - Plus (Medium)

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Adjustable medium feel memory foam pillow for those that like extra support

Experience personalised comfort with the Complete Sleeprrr Pillow - Plus (Medium). Specifically designed for broader body frames, it offers adjustable medium-density support to relax neck muscles and reduce pain. Recommended by healthcare professionals, it promotes good posture and airflow for a restful sleep. Choose from four density options for the perfect fit.

A completely adjustable medium-density pillow that suits broader body frames, specially designed to relax your neck muscles, reduce pain, and provide full cervical neck support.

The Complete Sleeprrr Plus, a contoured pillow for side and back sleeping

  • Contoured with one side lower, the other side higher for different sleeping positions  
  • The shape encourages side sleeping and helps keep airways open  
  • Removable foam inserts enable adjustments to the height and shape of the pillow  
  • Removable foam noodles enable adjustment to the firmness of the pillow 

An excellent pillow designed to help with a range of conditions and ailments where a firmer pillow is preferred

  • Headaches and migraine reduction 
  • Improves neck and shoulder pain 
  • Assists with sleep apnoea and snoring 
  • Ideal for side sleepers 
  • Improves posture and general wellness 

The best memory foam neck pillow for cervical support and spine alignment

The Complete Sleeprrr Plus Memory Pillow is the slightly firmer version of The Complete Sleeprrr Original - widely regarded by Australian health professionals as the best memory foam cervical neck support pillow. 

This pillow was designed in collaboration with healthcare professionals to provide the best neck and spine support available. Therapeutically contoured, the Complete Sleeprrr Plus Pillow has two easily removable and re-workable foam inserts that allow you to change the shape and height of the pillow to suit your comfort and postural needs. 

An adjustable pillow to keep good posture while sleeping

Made from high quality Australian memory foam, the Complete Sleeprrr Plus features higher and lower sides of the pillow as well as contour variance for maximum individual support and comfort for side or back sleeping. Memory foam 'noodles' in core foam surface can be removed to make for an even softer pillow. Scalloped under-edges allow shoulder to slip snugly under pillow for a close-knit fit when side sleeping.

Helps you to breathe easier for a good night’s sleep

The contoured design ensures the head and neck are properly cushioned and supported during sleep, helping to open airways and promote good breathing patterns. Side sleeping is encouraged, snoring minimised and neck and shoulder stress and muscle stiffness alleviated. 

The adjustable pillow comes encased in a ‘breathable’ open weave mesh removable pillow slip. 

Completely customisable softness to suit your body shape and sleep preferences

Users can dynamically change the surface density of the Complete Sleeper Pillow to suit their own comfort needs. For an even softer feel, simply take out the Memory Foam 'noodles' positioned within the channels on the pillow's surface. 

If you do remove some or all of the noodles to enhance the initial softness, you can store them for possible later use after natural softening of the pillow has occurred. Each channel can take up to three noodles together, to re-plump support where it is needed most - under your neck!

Complete Sleeprrr Plus: Firmer density memory foam best suited to broader frames 


  • TGA Listed: Yes
  • Filling: Memory Foam
  • Country of Manufacture: Australia
  • Dimensions: 52 x 38 x 14 cm

Care Instructions:

Inner: Do not immerse in water. Dab clean with a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry.
Dry flat away from direct sunlight.

Cover: Normal wash and dry. (To avoid damage to the foam from constant removal of cover, leave cover permanently on the pillow once you have configured it to suit your comfort needs).

General: To help the lifespan and generally protect the pillow we recommend the use of the Naturelle Pillow Protector in medium size.

Foam Discoloration: Any discoloration of foam through exposure to natural light will not affect performance or foam longevity.


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