How to start a Podiatry Clinic

So you want to start a podiatry practice? Whether you feel that this is the next step in your career because you want to be your own boss, run a clinic your way, or provide a service to a community that lacks a podiatrist, there are a few important things you should take on board.


The first thing you need to find to open a business is an opportunity. Starting a podiatry clinic is something that can’t be opened where to want or how you want it. You need to seek out opportunities by keeping your mind open novel ways of providing a service to your potential clients. There are the traditional ways of providing your podiatry skills such as opening a brick and mortar clinic or renting a room in an existing medical centre but have you thought outside the box? What about a travelling podiatry service to visit immobile patients in their homes? How about approaching retirement and aged care homes? Maybe the local running club or football team could use your capabilities. Keep your mind open and your ear to the ground – you never know what opportunities might be staring you in the face right now.


A major pathway for opportunity to come knocking on your door is through your contacts. Do you see opportunity as luck? Maybe you should try making your own luck. Making an effort to have meaningful conversations that go deeper then, ‘nice weather we’ve got today’ will help you develop relationships, and find out what makes the people around you tick. The more you know about the people around you, the larger your personal network will grow and the better ‘luck’ you will have in finding opportunities for you to start your business.


Once you have started a practice, the thing that keeps it going is promotion. This can come in many forms like advertising, social media and referrals. You need to implement numerous methods to gain traction in the initial stages of business. The early goal should be to develop brand awareness to your target audience. A marketing plan can help here. Each approach should be individualised to your podiatry practice, your patients and your environment but at the end of the day, the best promotion a Podiatrist can receive is a great word of mouth review.

Client satisfaction

To start accumulating some amazing word of mouth reviews, you need to provide an amazing service to your clients. There are lots of ‘little things’ you can do to enhance your client experience which you should tailor to your specific clientele but some examples are courtesy reminder calls, a professional appearance and a genuinely caring attitude to the health of your clients. Ultimately, exceeding your patient’s expectations begins and ends with your ability as a professional. The tools you decide to use have a profound effect your performance as a Podiatrist.

The right tools

As a podiatrist, the instruments you use should be of the highest quality. Not only should you have the right tool for the job, you should have the right tools for you and your technique. You should consider seeking smaller nippers if you have smaller hands. You might prefer a straight cutting edge as opposed to a concave one on your nippers. Maybe you prefer to use different styles of tools for different jobs. It’s important that you know yourself as a professional. Your personal preference for different tools in different situations is something that you should take note of, and prioritise at every opportunity. A wise man once said “buy once, cry once”. Do yourself a favour and invest in high quality products the first time.

 LuxeMED is committed to helping small businesses start and grow. If you’re opening your own clinic, get in touch with us – we’ll make sure you get your clinic started on the right foot!