The #1 Podiatry Chair Guide

If you're sick and tired of having 99+ tabs open and endless scrolling all to compare every podiatry chair known to mankind, just to find the one for you, then you're in the right place.

If you find yourself questioning whether you need a chair with tilt function or not, we are here to help guide you.

Help is only a click away! You’re always welcome to give us a call or get in touch through our LIVE chat button below – but, perhaps this guide can help you find the perfect podiatry chair for you!

There are many podiatry chairs out there that will have you way down the rabbit hole. However, if you are in the podiatry field you know how strenuous this kind of work can be on your back.

Which is why the number #1 rule when looking for a podiatry chair is to not settle without 'tilt-function'. You're probably thinking 'But I could save a few dollars going without, I'm sure it is not that important.' But think of it like this, what would you rather.. saving a few extra dollars or locking yourself in for a life time of serious back problems and chiropractor visits? I'd hope your health was your #1 priority.

Let's get into tilt function..


Tilt Function, what is it?

Tilt function is incorporated within a table/chair by adding an additional motor. This is most specific to podiatry as it allows the table/chair to tilt, however this is a specific kind of tilt, example: if laying on the table, the table can be tilted so that the individual on the table can have their feet raised higher, which in return relieves you the burden of bending over/crouching causing serious long term back pain.

Now that we know what tilt function is and its purpose, how do we narrow down the best chair/table that has tilt function?

There are only two chairs that you need to decide between. These are the Multipurpose Podiatry Chair or Advanced Podiatry Chair. I am going to guide you through each one right now.


Height range, why we need it?

It is important to understand that you are not just buying a podiatry chair to best suit you. You are also buying a chair to best suit your customer's/client's needs. Height range is a massive factor, not only to relieve back strain on yourself but incredibly important for the mobility impaired and elderly which need a chair that has the ability to come as low as possible. The last thing you need is to have an elderly customer or anyone for that matter injuring themselves on a chair that won't lower a great deal. Simple fix, The Multipurpose Podiatry Chair.

The Multipurpose Podiatry Chair has an incredible height range of 56.5cm to 98cm. Being an incredibly diverse height ranged chair this is the most ergonomically superior chair of all models.


Advanced Podiatry Chair has a decent height range of 66cm to 90cm, however if you have a diverse clientele which podiatrists do, then it wouldn't be best suited as it can only lower so much.




Both The Multipurpose Podiatry Chair and Advanced Podiatry Chair are made with excellent heavy duty medical grade vinyl which is fire, stain, mildew, oil, water and wear resistant. Which is everything you need within a professional clinic environment. Both chairs are equipped with all the necessary padding and support to ensure your customers have a secure, relaxing visit.

Head support is extremely important especially when lying down for long periods of time. Which is another great addition to both these chairs. Pillows as well as breathing holes are incorporated into these two chairs making them ideal for any situation/procedure.



After our research into the facts and figures it is safe to say that if you're looking for pure functionality then The Multipurpose Podiatry Chair is your best bet, it not only incorporates the #1 tilt function rule, it also has an incredible height range which is a serious must have in a diverse environment not only for your back and well-being but for your customers, especially the mobility impaired and elderly. However, it is quite hard to go past the good looks of Advanced Podiatry Chair. If you still cannot decide between these two excellent podiatry chairs, reach out to us on our LIVE CHAT, we are always here to help and love a chat!