Your #1 guide for the right Medical/Hospital Trolley

Medical Trolleys or Hospital Trolleys are used to store and transport a range of medical supplies and are an essential piece to any medical environment which are often overlooked. They can specifically cater for a variety of industries and applications if the particular trolley is selected carefully.

To ensure you are buying the right trolley for your needs you must understand what it will be used for, what will be stored within the trolley, the size of the space you are buying for, as well as the sizes of the supplies you are going to be storing - This will determine which structural material is best.


Types of Medical Trolleys

There are a range of medical trolleys out there. They most commonly come in the form of Stainless Steel or Powder Coated. However, they have their differences making some more durable and better suited to certain environments than others.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel trolleys are extremely durable and are mostly seen within medical specific fields such as hospitals, emergency rooms or for medication stock due to how durable they are. This material is highly resistant to rust for an extremely long period of time, they are incredibly low maintenance and easy to clean which are crucial requirements within medical fields where aseptic techniques and hygiene are paramount.

2 drawer trolley

Powder Coated

Powder Coated trolleys are essentially a steel trolley finished in polyester or epoxy powder which creates a protective layer over the trolley. Due to this finishing layer, they can come in a variety of textures or colours. They are long lasting and slightly more cost effective than the above-mentioned Stainless Steel trolleys. However, Powder Coated trolleys are not as durable as Stainless Steel, they are still tough and sturdy making them excellent in certain environments just not as excellent in abrasive environments such as hospitals as they are not as resistant to rust making them a slightly cheaper option.

 2 drawer trolley

Environment specific trolleys


A hospital is an demanding environment - any equipment in this field, specifically trolleys needs to be durable, long lasting, plenty of compartments, table top space and of course easy to clean on the go. Having a trolley that has lockable castors is important in such busy environments. Trolleys, with their wide range of utilities as such are obviously found in hospitals but are also frequently used within allied health care/nursing homes.

Hospital Medical Trolley

This trolley provides 4 drawer compartments for medicine and other supplies, waste bins, central locking, lockable castors as well as an extending table which is a bonus having that extra space to work on making this a favourited trolley within the hospital/medical field.

medical trolley

Hospital Treatment Trolley

This treatment trolley comes with the option of 1, 2 and 3 drawers with a handy bottom shelf, waste bins, extension table and lockable castors. This option is great if you are after a specific amount of drawers and still require the central locking safety feature that the above 'Hospital Medical Trolley' also contains.

treatment trolley

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If you are an anaesthesiologist or you work within a facility that requires a trolley to stock and distribute medication, your main focus is drawer/compartment capacity for your supplies and equipment. Lockable castors are also essential to avoid any sudden movement that risk causing damage to the medication or other stored items. Table top space is definitely a must as you then have the ability of working from the trolley counter. Trolleys like these are commonly used by specialists within hospital environments and health care industries.

Anaesthetic Trolley Stainless Steel Trolley (Six Drawer)

As mentioned previously, stainless steel trolleys are extremely strong and durable. This trolley offers six two-way, soft closing magnetic drawers for medicine and supply safety, great table space, side shelves and additionally lockable castors for extra stability.


Stainless Steel Resuscitation Trolley (Seven Drawer)

With seven drawers including a large bottom drawer, this trolley offers an extensive amount of storage for supplies of all sizes and a large easy to clean table space. The extra large bottom drawer is able to store larger items - it has a heavy duty capacity of 35kg. Supplies and medication are made safe with soft closing magnetic drawers and lockable castors.


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Patient Care

Trolleys used within the patient care industry such as allied health/nursing homes can be quite diverse. Hospital Medical Trolleys as mentioned previously are seen in these facilities as they can carry a range of different stock and offer extra features which we have already been through. However, on the other end of the scale there are much more simpler trolleys that are mainly focused on drawer space and less on the features making them more affordable and smaller in size.

Stainless Steel Trolley (4 drawer) and Powder Coated Medical Trolley

These trolleys come in the forms of one drawer through to four drawers. The stainless steel has a version that provides lockable drawer space as well as lockable castors. Powder coated trolleys only available with lockable castors. Both have smooth closing drawers as they are magnetic. As mentioned previously stainless steel is much easier to clean and overall, more durable however, the powder coated models are still a strong trolley with a less hospital like look about them that may put patients at ease.



Within the emergency field, you need to constantly be prepared for all sorts of situations with the relevant equipment and supplies in reach at all times. A trolley that is capable of carrying an extensive amount of emergency and first aid equipment that is also versatile is incredibly important. Trolleys like these are seen in hospitals, emergency rooms, first aid centers and more.

Emergency Trolley

This emergency trolley holds important features and components such as many compartments/drawers, table space, CPR board, IV drip pole, defibrillator shelf, oxygen tank holder, waste bins and much more. The weight capacity of this trolley is an incredible 200kg, this allows the trolley to carry a large amount of supplies for your duties with ease.



    Size is an extremely important factor to consider when buying a trolley. It might be all well and good to go and buy the biggest and best trolley with all the latest features and gadgets but what is your space like? Is there enough room for a large trolley to move around effortlessly throughout the facility or are there tight spaces or narrow hallways that you are going to be struggling to manoeuvre around?

    There are a range of trolleys out there that will serve your duties well but ensuring your space has the space is essential.

    You also must keep in mind what size items are going to be kept and stored in these trolleys, do you need larger and deeper drawers for your supplies? Think of the biggest item you are going to store and go from there.

    Ensure you are checking product descriptions before proceeding with any purchase to avoid disappointment. 



    As you would be well aware of now throughreading the above information, lockable castors are a must have when you are looking into buying a trolley for any facility/environment. Lockable castors enable the trolley to become stable and set in one place without disruption or sudden/unexpected movement that would not only disturb your duties but also has the potential of damaging the supplies inside if there happened to be a mishap.


    Essentially, Stainless Steel Trolleys are the most durable, long lasting, easy to clean and well relied on trolleys in the most challenging environments. However, if you are after something a little more affordable that is still strong then Powder Coated Trolleys are your go to.

    Aside from that, if you are looking at buying a trolley you must take all factors into consideration, such as; specific use, material, size, castors and weight capacity.

    If you are still confused or unsure about what trolley would best suit your industry please reach out to us on our LIVE CHAT button below, we would love nothing more than to help point you in the right direction.