Servicing Your Electric Table

Have you bought your first Electric Table and were wondering, "what's next"?

Here is your complete guide to looking after and maintaining your Electric Table!

First and foremost, you should be carrying out a visual inspection on your table at least once a month where possible. If you have some extra time it is also highly recommended to also follow the below checks:

  • Check the correct adjustment of the different sections. 
  • Check the proper functioning of the motors and their movements. 
  • Check and tighten screws (if necessary). 
  • Grease the parts that have friction. 
  • Check the conditions of the electrical wiring and the socket. 
  • Check the wheel immobilization system. 
  • Check and clean the gas struts

After 1 year of owning your Table, we also recommended you to carry out a full service which will ensure your Table is functioning to its optimum capacity. 

Here are some ways you can do this:

If you're a hands on person:

  • Oil all pivot points
  • Take apart and oil the nuts and bolts
  • Tighten anything you find loose
  • Place back together

If you'd prefer a technician:

  • Give us a call or drop us an email at and 1800 954 331
  • We will get you in contact with a reputable technician in your area
  • Technicians are available Australia wide - simply provide us with your suburb and we'll get you their details!

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