7 absolute essential features your massage table MUST have

Whether you have a massage business, a sports business, a beauty business, you name it, an excellent table is essential. But what makes massage tables excellent? That is something I am going to share with you here today to help guide you into the right direction for your business.

Massage tables come with all sorts of amazing features that not only create an abundant amount of comfort for your client but also make the table extremely ergonomic.

Lets get into each of these features.


Does my massage table need to be portable?

Even if your business is in the one place this is an important feature to look into as it makes the table completely compact and movable, whether that is to another business appointment or to a brand new studio. Having the ability to pack up and go with ease and saving all your staff and relatives the headache of completely dismantling or carrying the table through narrow doorways and hallways is always great.


Best height range for massage tables?

It doesn't matter what business you are in, you are always going to have a customer that has specific needs and requirements, whether that is for the mobility impaired or the elderly. A table that incorporates a feature to lower and raise height based on each persons needs is definitely a top MUST. Which is why I highly recommend the Contoured Massage Couch or Centurion Genesis 

Contoured Massage Couch is electric and has a height range of 48-93cm. However, it is not portable.


Centurion Genesis on the other hand is portable but is not electric and has a height range of 62-82cm


Not only are you going to save the mobility impaired and elderly by having a table that can be altered, but you may even save yourself some worries, the last thing anyone wants is for a client of theirs to be injured at all, let alone injured in their own clinic due to not being able to meet the clients physical requirements. Height range is your friend and should definitely not be over looked.


Is a Face Hole/Head Cradle essential?

Now, I don't know about you, but I couldn't imagine feeling very comfortable laying face first into a pile of vinyl. Which is why face holes/head cradles are an important feature within a massage table. The client is able to lay on their chest without having to twist their neck which quickly becomes uncomfortable, they are able to hold an even posture with less tension which is great when massaging, they are able to breathe comfortably and lets not forget there will be no drooling on your table. 

These two options serve the same purpose and are quite similar however, the head cradle allows for more support as there is thicker padding around the face area. More comfortability/support = more happy clients.


Face Hole Plug Perk

Small detail but great help, having the ability to pop a plug into the face hole is great, it is simple and saves the clients from having to swivel around to the end in which they just had their feet. Not to mention it is definitely aesthetically pleasing having the ability to have a table in it's whole form.


Removable Head Cradle

Just like the idea of a face hole plug, head cradles are able to be removed to provide yourself and your client with a complete flat surface.


Adjustable Prone Armrest/Removable Armrest

Another important comfortability feature are armrests. Sometimes it can feel awkward to place your arms in certain positions and this feature eliminates just that. Armrest which are completely adjustable to each clients requirements usually reside just below the head cradle, this allows for easy access when your client is laying on their chest with their face within the head cradle or face hole. This feature also has the ability of being removed.


What Length/Width should a massage table be?

I am sure you know by now that we all come in different shapes and sizes. With this being said, having a table that is long and wide does wonders! There is nothing more uncomfortable than going into a clinic and having to suck everything in just to fit yourself on a small plank that someone may call a table. 

This is another reason why the Contoured Massage Couch or Centurion Genesis are such big contenders.

The Contoured Massage Couch has a length of 195cm and width of 70cm

Centurion Genesis holds the record of most space with a length of 198cm and width of 72cm, that is some good coverage if I do say so myself.



With taking everything into consideration, there are two excellent tables when it comes to massage tables and it all comes down to whether you are after a handy portable table such as the Centurion Genesis or a fancy electric Contoured Massage Couch that has the most diverse and incredible height range, very important when dealing with a diverse clientele. If you still can’t decide on the best massage table for you and your situation, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today – we’d love to help, help is only a click away through our LIVE CHAT button at the bottom of this page!