The #1 chiropractic table your clinic needs

Chiropractor's specialise in treating the musculoskeletal system aka muscles, joints, bones and ligaments. They not only provide aid for existing problems but also work to prevent future problems from arising. Chiropractor's manually manipulate the spine and other areas using their hands or instruments to apply force to the specific area of focus, moving the joint into the required direction for optimum alignment. 
This is when the right table can aid a chiropractor tremendously. The most advantageous of chiropractic tables are 'drop section tables.'

What are drop section chiropractic tables?

Drop section tables allow the practitioner to raise specific areas (such as the spine and pelvis). The chiropractor then places manual force onto the required area, which then automatically drops the table section back down again through a gravitational pull with the patients body following. The quick gravitational pull created by drop section tables after manual manipulation is enough to allow the area to achieve realignment. 
There are many different tables that target certain people, problems and age groups.
With that being said, lets get into some key features and differences between 3 tables below.

Premium Chiropractic Adjustment Drop Section Table - Electric

The Premium Chiropractic Adjustment Drop Section Table - Electric is the most advanced out of the 3. Reason being, it incorporates a cost effective, premium column lift eliminating any lifting mechanism which reduces repairs in the long run, it is also the only table that offers an adjustable seat rest and back rest which the other tables lack.

With a generous height range of 60-80cm the table does not only achieve a low height but allows the chiropractor to ease the strain on their own back by reducing the amount needed to bend down to the patient.
This table also has the greatest width out of the 3 at 54-65cm offering diversity for all sizes.
This table has four drop sections: Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Pelvic.
Plus adjustable seat and backrest.
chiropractic table

Chiropractic Premium Fixed Height

The Chiropractic Premium Fixed Height table, is you guessed it, fixed height. With a low fixed height of 55cm the chiropractor has less to worry about in terms of adjusting the table for each clients needs. Seeing as it is a very low table, the height would be of great benefit to the elderly and anyone that requires small amounts of movement however, this may cause the chiropractor to have to lean over more than usual themselves.
This table has four drop sections: Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Pelvic.
chiropractic table

Chiropractic Adjustment Drop Section Table - Electric

The Chiropractic Adjustment Drop Section Table - Electric has the greatest height range out of all 3 tables at 54-87cm. A versatile height range as such not only caters to the needs of the clients but also allows the chiropractor to adjust the height to suit their needs, saving their back during treatments. 

This table is also the longest table out of the 3, it can be adjusted from 180-193cm.

chiropractic table


In conclusion, it is important for chiropractors to understand what treatments and people they deal with the frequently. If you mostly work with elderly, you wouldn't go and buy the highest table, you would be looking for a table that provides a low height such as the Chiropractic Adjustment Drop Section Table - Electric. Keeping this in mind will ensure your clients are comfortable during their appointment.

A chiropractor that is after something more reliable, cost effective and long lasting with more diversity in adjustable angles would lean more towards the Premium Chiropractic Adjustment Drop Section Table - Electric as this not only adjusts the cervical, thoracic, lumbar & pelvis but it also adjusts the seat rest and backrest which the other tables do not.

If you are still unsure which table would best suit your needs, give us a message on our live chat button below, we are always happy to help!