Ensure your business keeps running efficiently!

Medical couches, tables or chairs enable a range of medical clinics to function effectively by allowing clinicians to see patient after patient with ease. Without a functioning medical chair, you may see yourself needing to cancel appointments which bring you and keep you in business. This is why it is extremely important to ensure you are using and caring for your medical chair correctly at all times to avoid putting a halt on your business due to misuse damages.

How to correctly use your medical chair.

In order to avoid breakages, it is important to understand how you should be using your chair, even if you have had many medical chairs in the past, refreshing on the do's and don'ts provided on our site, may save you a lot of hassle and wasted time. 

What to AVOID:

❌ Lift or move bed by holding the head or leg sections
❌Use any vinyl protectant unless you have patch tested this prior
❌Allow your clients to sit or put all of their weight on the head or leg rests
❌Clean with any harsh chemicals
❌Leave the leg section up when clients are entering and exiting the bed as this may lead to them using the leg section to support their full weight

❌Stand on any section of your bed regardless of weight limits

All the above-mentioned actions may result in damaging your medical chair and potentially injuring your client.

What to DO:

✅Move & lift your head by holding the base only
✅Install all parts & pieces as per installation instructions
✅Ensure your bed is level by adjusting the stoppers at the base of the bed
✅Put the leg section down before clients get on or off
✅Ensure your client enters & exits the bed from the seat section only
✅Frequently clean vinyl with soapy water
✅Keep metal and moving joints lubricated with occasional spraying of WD40 or similar
✅Wipe all spillage immediately to avoid staining

By following the above list of do's you can work peacefully knowing that you are not risking your client an injury or damaging your equipment in any way. 


Cleaning & disinfecting medical chair.

As you would your furniture at home, it is important to clean your medical chair regularly in the right manner with the right products. This not only provides your client with a clean place to sit/lay during treatment but also maintains the overall quality of your medical chair's material. 

Do NOT use the following on your medical chair:

❌Hot or boiling water
❌Hydrocarbons including alcohol
❌Furniture polishes
❌Concentrated detergent
❌Abrasive powder or paste cleaners
❌Steel wool
❌Silicon or petroleum-based cleaners
❌Solvent based or abrasive cleaning agents

What you need to do is...

✅Before cleaning the chair/table, unplug it from the mains (if applicable)
✅Clean the chair/table after each use.
✅To clean the upholstery, apply a solution of warm water and a mild detergent (for example, neutral soap) with a well wrung soft cloth. Wipe over once cleaned.
✅Disinfect upholstery and other surfaces with a suitable bactericide for this purpose.
✅Apply the disinfectant on a soft cloth, never directly on the chair/table.
✅Never use a mixture of disinfectants or a mixture of disinfectant and soap.
✅Wipe the upholstery over once cleaned & disinfected with a cloth and water only. This will remove any residue from the upholstery.
✅Avoid the accumulation of moisture on the parts of the metal structure, as they could rust.

Since we do not know which disinfectant will be used, we cannot guarantee that it will not cause damage to the upholstery. Please read the instructions and warnings for use of the disinfectant product carefully before its purchase or use.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: ALWAYS TEST cleaning disinfectants prior to use by applying a small amount of the disinfectant to an inconspicuous area, if available, and then leave for 30 minutes.


Medical chair maintenance.

Just like any machine with moving parts, your medical table needs regular maintenance and care to ensure longevity. It is important to carry out a visual inspection at least once a month to check the general conditions of the chair/table. Moreover, you must do the following:

✅Check the correct adjustment of the different sections
✅Check the proper functioning of the motors and their movements
✅Check and clean the gas struts
✅Check and tighten screws (if necessary)
✅Grease the parts with friction
✅Check the conditions of the electrical wiring and the socket
✅Check the wheel immobilization system


Medical Chair Warranty with LuxeMED.

LuxeMED will repair or replace parts found upon examination to be defective in material and/or workmanship.

LuxeMED will not warrant the safety and or correct functioning of products where any original components have been changed or modified. Furthermore, safety is not guaranteed where components have been replaced with non-original approved parts. If any faults are detected upon receipt of this product please phone LuxeMED. Any faults that are detected during normal use should be reported to LuxeMED immediately to determine if warranty conditions apply and if so, the necessary repair or replacement work to be completed.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Improper and/or incorrect usage of your product will void product warranty.

If you have any questions about caring for your medical chair, please feel free to contact our friendly staff on 1800 954 331 or reach out to us on our green LIVE CHAT button below! 💚