5 tips that can NOT be over looked when buying a physiotherapy table for your center


If you work within the physiotherapy world and are wondering what table would best suit your clinic, then you are absolutely in the right place. There is a vast range of physiotherapy tables out there but you could seriously be missing out if you don't do your research. That's where I come in, luckily for you, I have gone and done an extensive amount of in-depth research and I am handing this information to you on a golden platter, right here.

Lets get into it..


2, 3, 4 and 5 section physiotherapy table differences and advantages within centers

2 section tables

2 section physiotherapy tables whether electric or fixed are a beginners table with little to no advantages when working heavily within the industry. They allow the clients to sit up with some back support but the benefits end right there. These tables aren't designed to work harmoniously with the clients body into different positions. Additionally 2 section fixed tables are better suited to first aid rooms and that is all. Which is why if you are a student/beginner this table may appeal to you however, it is not something that a fully functioning physiotherapy center would use when dealing with clients daily as it provides absolute bare minimal functionality other than it's hi-low function.

3 section tables

3 section tables such as the Medical Table 3 Section Electric are by far the most loved and commonly used within industry, being Australia's #1 choice for many years running now. They allow for constant supported movement from head to feet allowing the client to position without strain as the table is working for them not against them and it includes important touches such as a seamlessly smooth hi-lo function as well as the face hole and face plug which are incredible features we will later go into. Although this table is Australia's #1, it is still missing advantageous touches compared to the 4 and 5 section tables as you will see.  


4 section tables

Physiotherapy tables such as the 4 Section Electric Physio Traction Couch are a great solution for static and intermittent lumbar and cervical traction treatments, as the movement offered allows the practitioner to be able to heavily focus on and target specific areas without having to fight against the restraints of the table. This 4 section electric hi-lo functioning table also has an additional touch which is an angle adjustable machine mount and flexion stool.

physiotherapy table

5 section tables

The table that is going to give you the most elaborate and extensive range of movement out of the collection, is the Medical Table 5 Section. This well designed table offers amazing postural drainage movement as well as stabilizing arm rests as seen in the photo below. On a table as such the patients body is able to seamlessly glide along with the tables movements as effortlessly as possible, making it not only less strenuous on the client but also the practitioner. Just like the 3 and 4 sections, this table also has the hi-lo electric feature incorporated.

5 section medical table

Portable Vs Semi-mobile tables in a physiotherapy practice setting

Portable physiotherapy tables

Portable tables are an excellent option for on the go sports businesses. However, portable tables lack extremely advantageous and effective features that semi-mobile tables have to offer, such as the previously mentioned abilities of the 3, 4 and 5 section physiotherapy tables, which enable practitioners to move the clients body in tune with the table into the required positions seamlessly.

Semi-mobile physiotherapy tables

By semi-mobile I mean unable to be packed down into a compact bag yet still movable via castors. Semi-mobile tables such as the much loved, simple Medical Table 3 Section Electric or the elaborate Medical Table 5 Section are perfect for physiotherapy centers, obvious reason being is that they do not need to be moved around constantly from one facility to another with constant pack downs and set ups, but they also include all the incredibly essential features which portable tables miss out on, such as allowing practitioners to focus on specific parts of the clients body along with the tables movements as mentioned above in the 3, 4 and 5 section tables (which if you were naughty and skipped, you should definitely scroll back to).


Electric Vs Manual physiotherapy tables

Electric tables

It isn't rocket science to understand that if something is electric, it doesn't put strain on the user and actually makes movement quite simple and effortless. Having the ability to adjust the tables height electrically through the hi-lo foot control does just this.

Manual tables

Yes, manual tables require manual handling which in return puts extra strain on the practitioner making the process more difficult than it has to be. Having to adjust the tables height manually to fit each and every one of your clients needs would quickly become a hassle.


Head cradle Vs Face hole, what is better for physiotherapy centers?

Head cradle

Head cradles are an excellent feature most commonly seen on portable tables. They provide extra added padding for support around the face however, they are not convenient on tables that have advantageous movements as they are quite bulky.

Face holes

Face holes are a much more convenient way to support a clients head on tables that have great movement ability such as the 3, 4 and 5 section physiotherapy tables mentioned previously. As you would have seen in the images above, the face hole is incorporated into the table itself which can also be plugged making the table more compact and usable.


Benefits of built in/adjustable armrests on a physiotherapy table?

Armrests allow the client to be comfortable and hold a stable posture. They allow effective positioning of the arms to prevent potential injuries to the client during the procedure.



If you are a beginner/student that is wanting to hold off on investing into a fully functioning physiotherapy table then the basic 2 section table or a portable table is suited to you as long as you are prepared to be doing an intense amount of manual handling as well as missing out on some excellent features that other tables have to offer for the industry.

If you are a practitioner that is invested into the field and wish to have a fully functioning physiotherapy table within your center that will work seamlessly with the service you provide amongst clients, then Australia's #1 physiotherapy table Medical Table 3 Section Electric is definitely a no-brainer for you, as it's movements are not limited and it provides a smooth electric hi-lo function via the foot control for you to adjust depending on each clients particular needs without straining yourself.

If you are still lost and pondering, please feel free to contact one of our friendly staff through our LIVE CHAT button below! We are always here to help!