ELITE 12cm Double Action Nail Clipper – Straight Cut

$79.09 ex. gst

ELITE Double action 12cm nail clipper features:

  • Lighter, thinner design – Improving ergonomics
  • Ultra smooth hinges enhancing cutting leverage
  • Enhanced cutting leverage
  • Straight cutting edge
  • Barrel Spring
  • Compound action
  • Handle Lock
  • Comfortable linear grip
  • Stainless Steel
  • Fully autoclavable


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Designed for performance in the Podiatry clinic – Nothing comes close!

The LuxeMED ELITE Double Action Clipper raises the bar for Podiatry Instruments to unprecedented levels of performance. Designed for clinical performance, durability and ergonomic use, Podiatrist’s can depend on the ELITE Double Action Clippers to perform to the highest standards.

Our ELITE range of clippers are designed to be feather light, razor sharp and ultra smooth, allowing Podiatrists to treat all day

The total length of this product is 12cm, making them an ideal fit for Small to medium hands. LuxeMED nail clippers allow Podiatrists to treat with precision  and agility while maintaining the leverage required to get the tough jobs done.

If you would like to speak to our Podiatry Instrument Specialist regarding this product, or would like to organise a demonstration of the LuxeMED range in your clinic, give us a call today! (Available in Melbourne and Adelaide)



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