Diamond bur – Hybrid

$18.18 ex. gst

Diamond Dust Bur

  • Fully autoclavable
  • Bur is fitted with a standard 3/32″(2.35mm) stainless steel shaft
  • Used to smooth rough nails
  • Effective management of tough nails

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Offering a great balance between our Precision and Bud shaped burs, the Hybrid Diamond Dust Bur allows Podiatrist to achieve a wide range of outcomes in their Podiatry clinic.

Having a multidimensional bur allows Podiatrists to avoid searching for a specific type of bur to get a certain job done. This bur style can do it all!

LuxeMED’s Hybrid shaped Diamond Dust Bur is an exceptional generalist bur which allows Podiatrists to complete a wide range of clinical outcomes – from the delicate work in intricate areas, to the bulk burring required in some cases. The broad side of the bur allows the bulk of the task to be completed in an efficient manner, while the rounded end of the bur provides an increased level of control and precision in those more intricate areas.

Speak to our practicing Podiatrist and Product Specialist today to discuss the optimal bur for use in your clinic!


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