Ceramic Bur – Precision

$25.45 ex. gst

Tough Ceramic Podiatry bur

  • Durable hardened ceramic composition
  • Resistant to heating up when in use
  • Smooth finish with the ability to target delicate areas
  • Fully autoclavable / reusable

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

Ceramic Burs are an exciting technological development in the Podiatry world! Our Precision Ceramic Bur allows Podiatrists to implement groundbreaking ceramic bur technology in situations where accuracy and minimal heat accumulation is required.

This ceramic property of this bur results in a delayed heat build up, allowing the Podiatrist to complete their burring in a controlled manner. This maximised client satisfacion and the quality of the results achieved in your Podiatry clinic.

If you’re still not sure that Ceramic burs right for your clinic, call our Product Specialist to discuss your options today!


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